Monster Solar Power Generator Running Whole House-220V 1000W


200,000.00 160,000.00

Forget Noisy Generators. Power your Entire house with this monster for several years without expenses. Powers almost anything. Refrigerators,Pump,blender,kettle,Iron,fan, air mini conditioner, name it. monster-solar-power-generator-running-whole-house-220v-1000w…house-220v-1000w/


Features : 1000 watt solar power system
  • Widely application .
  • High transfer efficiency ,smart soft start function.
  • Fast start. High adaptability and stability.
  • High-procision voltage stability technology
  • Small size,light,environment-protected with no noise ,maintenance-free, portable .
  • Multiple safe protections
  • Input and output are completely independent
  • Universal socket, suitable for all kinds of plugs
  Applications : 1000 watt solar power system
  • Consumer Electronics:  Marine portable audio, TV, amplifier, high-fidelity 4-channel equalizer
  • Computer / mobile office:  Fax machines, laptop
  • Adapter / battery charger:  Phone chargers, rechargeable drill, camera adapter
  • Light:  Ordinary work lights,ordinary Incandescent desk lamp, spotlight
  • Motor Pump:  Motors, air compressors
  • Power tools:  Electric drill, electric saw, scroll saw, grinder, torch, circular saw,                                 Weeder, vacuum cleaner, lawnmower,
  • Home appliace :  oaster, blender, food processing machines, dryers, toasters, washing  Machines, coffee pots, refrigerators, microwave ovens, air Conditioners, electric kettle, etc.

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