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Good News! Growing that beard and regrowing lost hair(bald) has never come easy especially when you need it grow rapidly. Do you need beards? Fuller beards? Chest or hair on other parts of your body? Do you need to combat that balding hair and get the hair grown again? Do you need to groom your already grown hair and make it clean ,shiny and attractive? We have put together the best combo to give you this result within a short time as two weeks of continuous usage. This is nothing like ever before used. And it guarantee good result without side effect. “ 1.Deluxe Organics Castor Oil:   Does castor oil help to grow a beard? The results of using Deluxe Organic castor oil to grow a beard usually become noticeable after 3 weeks of use, but the body of every individual is different and the speed of growth could vary because of it. The high efficiency of castor oil is explained by the fact that it contains a large number of nutrients that affect the structure of hair follicles. Each substance contained in castor oil has its own special function:   Palmitic acid: This substance is a kind of conductor and catalyst for the remaining components. Thanks to this acid, all nutritional elements are able to penetrate the skin as deep as possible, saturating the cells which induce hair growth.   Stearic acid: This substance promotes the restoration of the normal level of nutrients in cells by restoring and preserving moisture. It also provides cells with protection from the different effects bad weather, creating a barrier in the cell membrane. Oleic acid. It stimulates the mechanism of metabolism which is necessary for enriching the hair follicles and activating hair growth. Additionally, it prevents loss of moisture from the cells and promotes regeneration. Racinolic acid: It affects the growth process, act as an irritant for the follicular structures, strengthens the structural elements and saturates the skin and hair with substances to improve their elasticity.   Linoleic acid: It is a source of moisture for the skin and hair. Vitamins A and E complex. These are the main components that are necessary for the production of collagen in the body. They help give hair a dense structure and triggers growth process. These listed components of castor oil combine to affect all the cells that are responsible for the growth of beard.   Deluxe Organics Castor oil is a natural oil and is safe for use in most cases, it very rarely provokes allergies and is suitable for use by almost all men regardless of their skin type. Castor oil can be used independently or mixed with some other ingredients to help speed up hair growth on the face; it also helps treat a number of problems associated with skin and hair. It is possible to use castor oil as a remedy in the convenience of your own home and at whatever time you see fit. Castor oil does not just provide nutrition to the hair follicles, it speeds up the growth process, protects the hair and moisturizes the skin on the cheeks, which prevents the appearance of dandruff and flaking. Castor oil is affordable considering its effectiveness – this is a great advantage in comparison with other expensive cosmetic remedies that give similar results.   2.Deluxe Organics Coconut Oil – Cold Pressed:   If you take some time to examine different beard grooming products like shaving creams, balms, oils and shampoos you’ll notice many brands contain coconut oil. There are reasons why. It’s been noticed that coconut oil when applied to the hair slows down the balding process in males and a few women affected by the problem. It’s easy to apply without making a mess too. In addition, users noticed faster, softer, easier-to-manage hair growth as well. Its high moisturizing content and natural composition means that it beats other artificially produced hair grooming products, a major plus for the health conscious. When you consider the fact that hair, whether on the face or head, responds well and quickly to coconut oil, you’ll begin to understand why using coconut oil for beard maintenance is a win-win for every man. 3. Aichun Beauty Beard Oil: Aichun Beauty’s Beard Growth Essential is the Newest beard repair growth solution now.  It’s active ingredients is a compound of various Essential Oils such as angelica extract, palm oil, tea tree oil, etc. These active ingredients forcefully activates and revitalizes Dormant Hair Follicle cells making them to enter the active state of beard growth. After the hair follicle cells are activated, the cells divide and hence the area of beard growth increases as well as  the length of the hair. A variety of nutrients are absorbed by these hair follicle cells ensuring a fully nourish beard leaving it black. supple and of full texture ================================================================================================== All these mix is guaranted to give you that faster beard growth.   HOW TO USE: When you order we will include the usage manual to tour order. Manual tell you how to mix and use for rapid beard growth.

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