24hrs Power Supply Solar Kit


27,000.00 15,000.00

YOU ARE LOOKING AT A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SOLAR POWER KIT. It powers your entire room and gives alternative power back up. Up to over 24hrs.Charges your appliances and lighting your home fastrack.com.ng/product/24hrs-power-supply-solar-kit/


More than just an alternative to irregular power supply in the country. You are looking at a complete solar kit with its own inverter battery, solar panel, 3 room bulbs follow-come, charging and lightning system. It can store energy in two ways 1. You can power it with solar panel during the day,it works effectively and also stores energy for future use up to 24hrs. 2. When there is NEPA light, you can plug it to NEPA Light, it powers the entire system and also stores electricity for future use when NEPA Takes light,it can still carry you for over 24hrs) It is a dual charging system with multipurpose usage. Recommended by PALMTREE Technology for lightning such as: Cooking Reading Camping, etc Charging appliances Small fans,Phones,IPad etc. It has overcharge and discharge protection. Comes with its own solar panel. It has inbuilt Bluetooth function, USB(both mini and Micro) Has Radio, Multiple port phone charger. Plays music remotely Mp3, Speakers inbuilt, etc. It is just a full complete box to run your room effectively without bothering whether NEPA brings light or not. The complete Kit goes for a subsidised price of 12,000 by our sponsor. You get 1,000 instantly for each of this product you sell as a member of Fastrack. Anybody can buy at subsidized price of 12,000 Buy one of these for your home or as a gift to someone dear to you. WE DISTRIBUTE NATIONWIDE WITHIN 24HRS If you are willing to be a distributor, message me for negotiation and discount on 08131119801

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